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The Village is where we can meet, relax and dialogue for a little while on the journey...

Increasing insight, enhancing communication and celebrating unity in neurodiversity through better Dialogue.

Together we celebrate unity in diversity, especially the neurodiversity that means each and every one of us. We celebrate this with the gift of Dialogue.

The word Dia-logue is a Greek word meaning ‘through’  (dia) and ‘meaning’ (logos). Today, Dialogue is a radical approach that facilitates deep, collective communication.  It addresses broken community, social fragmentation and ultimately the return to selfhood for each one of us!

There's never been a more crucial time in history to harness the power of Dialogue, to release the potency in neurodiversity, a subset of the biodiversity of our planet.

Since 2017, hundreds of people have participated in our dialogues, courses and conferences, which began as an enquiry into Autism.  Here, Autism (whose meaning stems from the word 'self') is approached as a universal phenomenon: the idea of neurodiversity is a common perspective which ultimately points back to shared human consciousness.  

Can we unpack our diversity together to raise consciousness and improve our quality of life for everyone?

Here in the Village, we seek to grow our true selves together in safe, non-judgmental spaces with sound communication practice and insightful process.  We believe that by refining our interactions with each other and becoming more familiar with difference, we and our world cultures, can shift towards making this planet a brighter place...we’d love you to join us!

What you'll find here

  • Friendly, safe and vibrant community!
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  • Connection in a dedicated community
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Why Join Us?

One of the things that we've heard our members often ask for is continuation between our dialogues - it's a brilliant idea that allows us to share our work with the world, through a village! 

“It is a community within which I feel a sense of value and belonging. It feels like a cocoon of support and a safe space to share ...” (member).

In the spirit of participation, we've created this place for everyone.  Thank you for joining us and playing a part in living more dialogically, and therefore creating a better world for all.

Join us today!

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